Harness the Power of Hero AI and enhance every Interaction

Hero AI delivers advanced artificial intelligence features that were once exclusive to large, proprietary providers and makes them affordable and accessible for individual users and businesses of all sizes. By integrating AI into call analysis and attendant services you can now leverage cutting-edge capabilities and analysis without the prohibitive costs traditionally associated with such innovations. This shift is enabling a broader spectrum of businesses to enhance their efficiency and competitiveness, thereby leveling the playing field in various industries.

Below are some of the free features offered by our Hero AI platforms

Call Transcriptions

Cloud based call recording is free to all Hero customers. Now customers will also see a full transcription of their calls in our customer portal and emails. Users can also search through all of their call recordings going back several years for specific keywords or phrases allowing them to locate or identify calls in an instant.

Sentiment Analysis

Every call recording is also analysed in detail for sentiment giving customers a polarity score for each call and an overview of positive, negative or neutral sentiment. At a glance users can now see which of their calls resulted in a negative or positive interacion. We also identify any calls that contain profanities or bad language.

Voice Activated Auto Attendant

Callers can now be directed to your departments or team members through voice recognition using our AI driven voice activated auto attendant service. Instead of having to press digits on their keypad callers can say in a few words what they require assistance with and be directed to the correct people in your organisation automatically.

Voicemail Transcription & Dictation

Voicemail messages come with an email or SMS transcript of the message left by the caller saving you time by being able to quickly read a message without having to play back the audio. Users can also use our Dictation service to record transcripts directly from their phone and additionally receive automatic language translation if required.

Automatic Language Translation

Our call transcription service can also automatically translate from over 100 different languages (including Te reo Māori). Our AI platforms automatically analyse the first 30 seconds of each call and if a foreign language is detected a translation to English will automatically occur. This translation can also be used for conference calls.

Transcription Alerts

Users can set-up transcription trigger alerts when a call contains specific keywords or phrases. This can be used to identify important or concerning calls due to safety concerns for example. Triggers can also be created when a call sentiment score falls below a specific threshold or a call contains profanity or bad language.

Example Screenshots

Call Recording Transcript Window

Sentiment Analysis of Calls

AI Voice Activated Attendant with keyword assistance