Our web conferencing solution is a HTML5 browser based collaboration web conferencing service offering high definition voice and video capabilities. You don't need any special software to run the service as it will run on any modern web browser on Desktop PC's and Apple and Android Smartphones or Tablets. You can also join the conference room from a regular telephone using an audio bridge facility.   Unlike some of our competitors we have no time limits and all our equipment is hosted in New Zealand meaning there is less latency and better quality on audio and video streams.

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High Definition Voice & Video

Our conference service uses high definition voice codecs to deliver 'CD quality' audio delivered from the browser using WebRTC technology. Users can also share their webcams with the conference with HD video support.

Shared Whiteboard & Presentations

Participants in the conference can access a shared whiteboard and upload presentations in multiple formats including Powerpoint, Word, Excel and PDF documents and then share these with other users. You can also share external video links.

Screen Sharing Capabilities

Moderators can also share their screen with the conference - either by selecting the whole screen or just a single application window. This is great for training and sharing information remotely with users. This is all done in HTML5 so no plugins are necessary.

Public & Private Chat

Users within the conference can chat either in private or in public with the rest of the conference participants. Users can also create 'break out' groups for collaboration within smaller groups inside the conference. We also have Emoji and Polling Support.

Audio Bridge Capabilities

Every conference room comes with an audio bridge by default allowing external parties to dial-in to the conference from a regular phone. Conference owners can also dial out to external parties from the conference room to invite audio only participants.

Recording Options

Conferences can also be recorded and played back later giving you a detailed record of the conference. This is perfect for sharing later with those who could not make the meeting for some reason or just using for future training purposes for example.


  • Basic Conference

  •  $ 5 + GST/mth ($5.75 inc. GST)
  • Up to 10 Participants
  • No time limits
  • Custom Audio Bridge Number
  • Dial out capability
  • Access to all conference features*
  • *excl. conference recordings
  • Signup
  • Premium Conference

  •  $ 10 + GST/mth ($11.50 inc. GST)
  • Up to 100 Web Participants**
  • Recordings & 1 Month Storage
  • No time limits
  • Custom Audio Bridge Number
  • Dial out capability
  • Access all conference features
  • Signup
  • Enterprise Conference

  •  $ 20 + GST/mth ($23.00 inc. GST)
  • 100+ Web Participants**
  • Recordings & Unlimited Storage
  • All Premium Features
  • 300 mins of Outgoing Calls***
  • Custom Branding and Logos
  • Custom Presentations
  • Signup
* The Free Conference is available to all Hero Internet customers who have already purchased at least one Cloud phone line or have their Broadband with Hero Internet. For users on the Free 1 month Trial offer, after the first month customer's will need to add a basic or premium conference room to their account or purchase another Cloud service with Hero Internet such as phone lines or Broadband to continue using the FREE service.
** Premium web conference service limited to 100 users on the web conference. Enterprise conferences are not limited but we do not recommend more than 200 users on a single conference and limit the video sharing to select users only. Audio bridge participants (dialing in from a regular or VOIP phone) are Unlimited.
*** Outgoing Calls can be used to bring external audio only participants into a conference by dialing out to them from within the conference. The 300 minute bundle includes calls to New Zealand and Australian fixed or mobile phones.