Bundled Countries

All our Hero Internet Plans (excluding Freedom) come with bundled minutes which not only allow you to call NZ and Australian Landlines and Mobiles but also over 70 countries worldwide. Below is the list of countries that are included in our bundled plans.

NOTE: If not specified as mobile the list refers to landlines only in each country

Andorra (Fixed)
Argentina (Fixed)
Australia (Fixed)
Australia (Mobile)
Bangladesh (Fixed)
Bangladesh (Mobile)
Bermuda (Fixed)
Bermuda (Mobile)
Brazil (Fixed)
Brazil (Mobile)
Brunei (Fixed)
Brunei (Mobile)
Bulgaria (Fixed)
Canada (Fixed)
China (Fixed)
China (Mobile)
Costa Rica (Fixed)
Czech Republic (Fixed)
Denmark (Fixed)
Denmark (Mobile)
Estonia (Fixed)
France (Fixed)
Germany (Fixed)
Germany (Mobile)
Greece (Fixed)
Guadeloupe (French) (Fixed)
Guam (Fixed)
Guiana (French) (Fixed)
Hong Kong (Fixed)
Hong Kong (Mobile)
Iceland (Fixed)
ICELAND (Mobile)
India (Fixed)
India (Mobile)
Ireland (Republic) (Fixed)
Ireland (Republic) (Mobile)
Italy (Fixed)
Japan (Fixed)
Korea (Sth) (Fixed)
Korea (Sth) (Mobile)
Malaysia (Fixed)
Malaysia (Mobile)
Martinique (Fixed)
Mexico (Fixed)
Mongolia (Fixed)
Morocco (Fixed)
New Zealand (Fixed)
New Zealand (Mobile)
Norway (Fixed)
Panama (Fixed)
Peru (Fixed)
Poland (Fixed)
Portugal (Fixed)
Puerto Rico (Fixed)
Romania (Fixed)
Romania (Mobile)
Russia (Fixed)
San Marino (Fixed)
Singapore (Fixed)
Singapore (Mobile)
Slovak Republic (Fixed)
Slovenia (Fixed)
Spain (Fixed)
Sweden (Fixed)
Switzerland (Fixed)
Taiwan (Fixed)
Thailand (Fixed)
Thailand (Mobile)
United Kingdom (Fixed)
United Kingdom (Mobile)
USA (Fixed)
USA (Mobile)
Venezuela (Fixed)
Virgin Islands (Fixed)